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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Little old omnipresent me

So I seem to have got myself involved in an online craft fair. It's a very good idea - in fact it's a great idea - but I am rapidly getting the feeling that technology is leaving me behind. There are so many threads for things on the website and so many ways of promoting yourself and fellow crafters online - many more websites and portals than I ever imagined for selling and showing what you've made. I wrote out a list when I joined up of the ways in which me and my stuff can be found, and it turns out that - my god - I am EVERYWHERE! Have a look under your bed - I'm probably there as well. I am on Etsy, Pinterest, Creative Connections, my own website ( since you asked), Craftjuice, Facebook and this very blog. Which makes it all the more teeny-weeny bit disappointing that I haven't had many sales lately after a bit of a flurry a week or two ago, but hey, never mind. There are many beautiful things on sale from talented crafters and designers from all over the place in the online craft fair and it can be found here - - I think. See, I don't really know what I am doing.

In other news, Mr Biscuitnose has bought a wonderful 1950s bike that he is going to restore. It's his new project. Mr B is extremely creative and handy. He has taken it apart and is going to restore what he can, replace what can't be revived and get it all painted/powder coated in lovely vintage colours. It's going to look truly gorgeous and the end result is going to be for me (to ride around on but hopefully not fall off). No one's ever done anything like this for me before and it makes me feel very loved. I'm welling here and it's going to ruin my reputation as the most fearsome receptionist in the West Midlands so I had better stop.

I finished this last night and I'm quite pleased with it as a first attempt at making a multiple bead-string thingy.


  1. hi i'm taking part in the craftfest too, i too am a bit daunted by all this tweeting etc but am hoping that i will get the hang of it all very soon, good luck with your stall, your necklace looks beautiful by the way x

  2. Oooh, thanks Tracy - I will come and have a look at your stall and add it to my Pinterest board :-)

  3. Ha. The writing out the list of places where my work can be found for CRaftfest freaked me out as well. Lu x

  4. This feels so true. I'm on the CRAFTfest online craft fair too and I have also made a list.
    As well as my own "places", I've also done a spreadsheet of the online links to everyone else in my CRAFTfest group which is TEAL, as I was getting in a pickle about how best to promote everyone. Happy to share - just message me through FB.