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Monday, 3 September 2012

Sharing the Craftfest Lurve....


 Craftfest has arrived! It's a hectic week - well, not so much for me so far, seeing as I can only do stuff on my mobile at the weekends (painstakingly stabbing at my iphone trying to tweet and stumble and all sorts of stuff), so I haven't been able to do my full share of helping to promote Craftfest so far (sorry fellow Craftfesters - *slaps own wrist*) but I promise that I will Do My Best during the rest of this week.

As part of this event, Craftfesters are sharing the love of each other's blogs with an 'I Love Your Blog' award. My award goes to (*drum rolls, ta daaaaaaaaaaaa...*)

because Sharon has done loads to promote Craftfest and her team members' stalls and I also really like her friendly, funny writing style :-) Sharon, Pins and Needles salutes you! 

And I was sent this link by the very lovely Lu of Handmade in Keswick whose Crafestfest stall can be found here

and also by Garreth of Scent Cosmetics, whose fabulous stuff I can personally vouch for, as I have bought some and it's AMAZING, have a peek here:

And last but definitely not least, Sharon of the Old Button who makes the most beautiful playmats - have a look:

 Now then, here's the science bit.

How to Share the Craftfest Lurve
1. Paste our 'I love your Blog' badge to your page
2. Put a link to the blogger who sent it to you
3. Put a link to the blogger your are awarding the Lurve to
4. List some other blogs you like
5. Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their blogs
6. List 'How to share the Craftfest Lurve'
7. Tell us something you'd like to say, or show us something you'd like to sell

So, some other blogs that I like are....
 The thing that I'd like to sell is this pair of earrings, just because I think they're really fun and cute!
Happy Craftfest everyone!


  1. Hmmm. I thought I was doing so well on today's task... I now noticed that I mentioned The Old Button twice. But that just goes to show that I really really do like your blog Sharon! :-)

  2. Thanks for the mention, I've been sharing the craftfest love too