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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cake scoffer

One very good thing about my job is the amount of cake I get. Barely a week passes by without a yummy slice of something or other being gently pressed upon me. I think it must be an admin thing and it's definitely a public sector thing... it pays to be the gal who orders the envelopes sometimes. (Well, it pays in cake anyway).

Excitement is building in the household (I say 'in the household' - it's just me really - it merely means that I have gone into mess-making overdrive) with the approach of the Jubilee Worcester Flea - hoorah! I have a stash of jewellery and random items to sell that has grown like a big scruffy mushroom over the last few weeks and grand plans for making a beautiful cloth for my stall (if I can do beautiful in the limited time I have left before Sunday) and making myself some bunting, naturellement.

I had a bit of a quandry about whether to make jubilee-themed items or not. I'm not a royallist and not a fan of the Union Jack and many of the sentiments that go with it. But it seems sort of churlish not to get into the spirit of the thing and have nothing jubilatory (yes, that is a word - it is now, anyway) on my stall. Boyfriend came to the rescue and suggested making red, white and blue items that can be cunningly sold separately and not look like left-overs at all if they don't go. He has all the best ideas :-)

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  1. Clever boyfriend! My husband is good like that too- I think they're just good at thinking practically!