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Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's all happening in Worcester today....

Well, today we have the Olympic torch passing through Worcester. Apparently there will be thousands of people lining the streets to see it. (They must all still have been in bed when I was walking to work this morning, or perhaps at home doing star jumps in their living rooms to psych themselves up for this tremendous event!) I know I'm going to sound like a right miserable bugger saying this, but I'm just not excited about the Olympics. I've never been the sporty type. Years of being shouted at by short, manly - indeed one reminded me rather of a well-established tree - female PE teachers to stop being so lazy and stop slouching round the edge of the boggy sports field more than put me off. The only enjoyable moment I can recall from PE lessons was almost spearing one of said teachers with a javelin. It was an accident though - honest!!

The other excitement of the day, for me personally at least, is that I have an interview this afternoon for an admin job with the fire service. I say excitement - terror would be more accurate. I HATE interviews - I turn from being a competent, efficient administrator into a gibbering, verbal diahorrea spouting (apologies if you're eating) wreck. I only passed the interview for the job I'm in now because I was so depressed beforehand having failed lots of interviews that I just didn't have it in me to be nervous. It seems that the giving-up-before-I'd-even-started attitude actually worked for me.

On the creative front, the green silk dress is coming on a storm - I'm really pleased with it. It's going to have a number of strange, slightly sticky-outy bits but for a first attempt at dress making it's not too bad at all I'd say. I don't think Vivienne Westwood needs to get worried yet though. (Saw her on the news last night - she is FAB!)


  1. Good luck with the job interview - mmmmm firemen :-)
    Can't wait to see the dress.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for it to be over (the interview I mean) - but yes, quite a few people have commented that they can think of worse ways to spend a day than being surrounded by firemen!

      I am hoping to have the dress done by Monday, so long as I can stop the cat from wrestling with it anyway :-)

  2. Also wishing you luck with the interview- and the cat not trashing your dress!

  3. I do like firemen! Hope your interview went great and I almost speared my PE teacher to but not so much an accident.