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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A slight hiatus

It's been a while. This is because I actually feel a bit shy about blogging. Silly eh? I'm not very likely ever to meet anyone who will read this (as far as I know....) and I am still keen to share my excitement over making stuff with the world.

Talking of which, I have made my first international sale.Woo hoo! A blue teapot necklace will be winging its way to Florida this afternoon after a delightful lady saw it on Etsy and was so keen to buy it that she ignored the ineptitude that led me to set up my shop wrongly so that she couldn't pay first off. It's such a good feeling that someone has not only seen something I've made and liked it, but even more than that, liked it enough to buy. Nothing but nothing would please me more than to make my living like this. To sit in my nice, peaceful living room every day sewing, fiddling with buttons, stabbing myself in the hand with bits of wire and trying to stop my cat eating various jewellery bits.

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