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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Summer seems to have arrived - myself, I suspect it's only temporary. Very negative of me I know, but I've been fooled too many times by the flirtatious summer days that lead you up the garden path, tempt you to throw away your old winter coat and then they leave, just like that.

Talking of seasonal clothes, I have discovered that none of my summer clothes fit - none! I'm still in corduroy and thick cotton, just with the sleeves rolled up. I've expanded from being a slip of a thing last year to having the figure of a slightly weedy hourglass. It's a good thing (even though it doesn't sound like it). So since money is tight this month (sometimes it feels like this lifetime) I've decided to turn my creative 'talents' (cough cough) to dress making. I have a large piece of beautiful green silk at home just begging to be hacked up, destroyed and reconstructed into something beautiful. I hope.

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